Pure Beeswax

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Natural Beeswax

Our product range includes a wide range of Yellow Bees Wax, White Bees Wax, Filtered Bees Wax, and Pure Candle Beeswax.

Beeswax is a natural product and commercially useful wax secreted by worker honeybees to make the cell walls of the honeycomb. It is produced by worker honey bees form special gland and molded by the worker bees. Bees wax also called White Wax ( Cera Alba) and Yellow Wax ( Sera Flava ).We are also manufactures and suppliers of natural raw wax and emulsifying wax.

Beeswax is secreted from the underside glands of the bee abdomen; bees mold the wax to form honeycomb. It is a substance produced by bees to build honeycombs. It is collected by heating the honeycomb in water (after removing the honey) so that the floating wax can be separated after solidification when cool. Beeswax (melting point 61-69°C) is used to make candles, polishes, inks, cosmetics, and ointments.

Quality of our product:

  • Natural Beeswax (Yellow / white)
  • Self life is more than 36 months from the date of manufacture
  • Premium grade quality
  • High binding strength
  • Pronounced plasticity
  • High Melting point range
  • Non-toxic and perfect composition

Customer Satisfaction

Since its founding in 2002, Giri wax has worked aggressively to expand its product line to include many difficult-to-source and custom-manufactured materials. As a result, Giri Wax has become a leading supplier of many beeswax, Wax polish and other specialty waxes.

We make sure to allocate enough time for understand customer requirements and working closely together with our customers as well as formulators to create unique formulas with strong added value in its end product properties.

We work diligently with our local suppliers and partners to only source the best and highest quality raw materials for your end products. Shree Giri Corporation has developed an extensive local network of manufacturing and suppliers, consolidating each of their unique strengths under one roof. Our mission is to supply innovative specialty wax products to different type of industries.


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